Here's the thing about me...
For quite some time I've been amassing a collection of personal photographic works that fall squarely into the art category. Though some have found their way onto my commercial site they have long needed their own space to congregate with similar photos from my collection. So here we are. If nothing else I hope you enjoy what you see and check back often for new content.

Why Prints?
If you wish to appreciate my art the way it was meant to be then you must see it in print. I used to think print was dead until I saw my work printed on great paper & canvas by a great printer. It's like nothing else, you won't believe your eyes. Don't believe me? Watch this. Prints are also one way I support my hobby and the funds allow me to continue creating new material to share.

If it suites you better think of purchasing a print as a way of buying me a beer or a coffee, but not at the same time, that's gross.

The Printer
I work exclusively with a local printer because it allows me to be directly involved in the printing process and I believe in supporting local business. On top of that they offer some very unique custom paper options including several textured papers that match very well with many of my photos. They even have organic and bamboo based papers.